Godaddy Coupons and Promo Codes

Use these coupons and promo codes for Godaddy to save on all kinds of related products and services. Please let us know if you have any other Godaddy coupons to share with the WPC community. Use these special Godaddy discounts in the shopping cart. Be sure to try a few of these different promo codes before you make your final purchase. You will be surprised to see how well each promo code matches up to the various add-ons and products from Godaddy.


2010-2011 Godaddy Promo Code List

$7.49 .com Domain Names
SCENE749 (New Domains only)
PLUGIN749 (New Domains)

15% Discount on All Orders of $75 or More (Host Renewals Too)

20% Hosting Discount, Any Plan

10% Off any order not already discounted.

$5 OFF any $30+ Order

$10 OFF any $40+ Order

Standard SSL Certificates $12.99 (Save $17)

Here’s a bit more info about these Go Daddy promo codes and coupons in further detail.

Go Daddy Coupon Code SCENE749 or PLUGIN749 ($7.49 .com Domains, No Limit)
This promo code works great when you buy at least 6 domains. At that level you will receive Free Private Registration in addition to the excellent $7.49 domains with Godaddy Code SCENE749 at checkout.

Go Daddy Promo Code SCENE10 or PLUGIN10 (10% Off Any Purchase, No Limit)
Go Daddy Coupon PLUGIN10 or SCENE10 will give you 10% off any purchase. There is no minimum or limit to this discount coupon. It’s works awesome for .tv domains or anything else that you need to use a fast coupon for. Sometimes Go Daddy restricts the items that promo codes can be used for. For some reason this 10% Off promo code works on things that you wouldn’t expect. It’s a great fallback code to use in all situations.

Godaddy Coupon Code SCENE5 or PLUGIN5 (Save $5 on any $30+ order)
I’ve found that this Godaddy promo code is most effective for some of the bigger expense international domain names. Some of the other items in this range include certain basic hosting plans, SSL certificates and eCommerce packages. If you find yourself in the $30-$40 range at Godaddy and you’ve already tried Go Daddy discount codes SCENE749 and SCENE10, try this one out and see which promotional code gives you the lowest price.

Godaddy Discount Code SCENE40 or PLUGIN40 – $10 off $40 or more
This is a really great coupon to use when you’ve already tried the SCENE5 coupon code. Unlike a lot of the flat rate discount coupons out there for Go Daddy, this one works for almost every kind of service or product available at Whether it’s a multiyear domain name, an international domain or one of the Go Daddy’s great e-mail plans, you’ll save a quick 10 bucks by entering either promo code PLUGIN40 or SCENE40.

Godaddy Source Code SCENE20 or PLUGIN20 – 20% off all Godaddy hosting plans
Whatever kind of hosting plan you are looking for this is that coupon for you. Whether you’re looking to host your site with WordPress or any other available application Godaddy’s hosting plans can be custom fit to meet your exact needs. Use promo code SCENE20 or PLUGIN20 to save an instant 20% on your hosting plan no matter which one you choose. Choose a 1, 2, or 3 year plan and get the same great 20% off discount.

Godaddy Promo Code SCENESSL or PLUGINSSL - $12.99 Standard SSL Certs (Save over 50%)
Security is the name of the game when conducting business online. If you want security for your site you need an SSL certificate. Normally priced around $30, you can save over half off by using promo code  PLUGINSSL or SCENESSL at checkout. Take over 50% in savings by using this exclusive SSL promo code.

Godaddy Code SCENE799 or PLUGIN799- $7.99 .NET, .BIZ or .ORG domains
This is more of the more popular codes that we carry. Whether you need to find .org, .biz or .net domains, using promo code PLUGIN799 or SCENE799 will give you $7.99 domains with no limits imposed. That’s right unrestricted amounts of domains! This is by far the lowest price for this type of domain extension that you’re going to find anywhere on the Internet.

Godaddy Coupon Code SCENE15 or PLUGIN15 – 15% off $75 or more
A lot of people use this code for the really big purchases that they make. Some of the larger priced international domains can be a real burden on your wallet. But if you use promo code PLUGIN15 or SCENE15, an instant discount of 15% will be applied to your shopping cart. Anybody spending $75 or more will absolutely want to use this code before they make their final purchase. Stack a bunch of items together in the cart and add a few more knowing that you’ll get 15% off your total order. It’s basically like getting free add-ons just for entering into promo code. The SCENE15 or PLUGIN15 promo codes are the most powerful coupons that Go Daddy offers for high-volume purchases. It’s even better than their internal discount club that they charge a yearly fees for. So don’t make the mistake of paying high prices for your domains and related services from Go Use these Godaddy Codes and save!